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Getaway Montréal from Ulysses Travel Guides is the perfect tool to make the most of a short stay in Québec’s largest city, Montréal. Thanks to its practical format and organization, the traveller will find all the essentials and must-sees in a glance. Fun to consult and to carry thanks to its small format, its colourful and lively layout includes numerous photos of the destination.

Easy to navigate, this guide is ultra-convenient. A first section called “Best of Montréal” highlights the best the city has to offer according to different themes, and facilitates the overall organization and planning of your trip to Montréal.

The “Exploring Montréal” section then proposes 10 itineraries through the city’s different neighbourhoods. For each route, a precise double-paged map shows the layout of the itinerary, in addition to locating attractions, cafes, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, theatres, shops and hotels, so that you do not miss a thing! A starred rating system and an “author’s favourite” label guide the traveller to the attractions and establishments that stand out.

Finally, the “Practical Montréal” chapter is full of useful information delivered succinctly. To add to all this, maps are also located on the flaps of the guide’s cover: a general view of the city, a zoom of the city center and a metro map.

Table des matières

Table des matières
Getaway Montréal 1
Getting to Montréal 2
Symbols Used In This Guide 3
Montréal metro map 4
Tables of contents 7
The best of Montréal 11
Exploring Montréal 31
Old Montréal 32
Downtown 51
The Milton-Parc District and “The Main” 80
Quartier Latin 93
The Gay Village 104
Plateau Mont-Royal 115
Mount Royal 128
Outremont and Mile End 136
Hochelaga-Maisonneuve 149
Around the Lachine Canal 157
Little Italy and Mile-Ex 164
Île Sainte-Hélène and Île Notre-Dame 169
Practical Montréal 177
Formalities 178
Getting there 178
Accommodations 180
Getting around 185
Useful information 189
Index 201
English-French glossary 207
Photography credits 212
Montréal centre map 213